May 13, 2011


My first foster dog. He only stayed for a day, but I would have kept him in a heartbeat. Was transported from TN, where they still have kill shelters.  is the group that helps to save them.  They transport the dogs up north to the non-kill shelter states, CT being one of them. I am getting involved with the fostering of these great dogs. All they want is love, and to give unconditional love, and their stories on how they came to CPR are heartbreaking, but they still love people. I implore everyone to adopt, not shop in a pet store. The pet store dogs look cute too, but it just keeps the puppy mills going.When you adopt -it opens up room for one more stray, one more abused, unwanted dog/puppy. I adopted my german shepherd when she was 6 yrs old. She is the greatest. I just feel so strongly about this. Jack was adopted- by a great family with 3 kids, perfect. Good luck Jack!

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  1. What a great thing to do. Well done for fostering - good luck Jack, have a happy life.