Sep 3, 2010

Dear Conference Applicant...

"...we are pleased to inform you of your acceptance as a mentee to Rutgers University's Council on Children's Literacy conference. Mentees (70) are accepted from applicant pool (700) on the basis of the quality of their writing sample and degree of professionalism in their submission..."
A juried writers conference! And I have been chosen to be a mentee! I am so excited.
I submitted "Casper, Mr. Amazing" a picture book dummy I wrote/illustrated, about my son's cat, Casper.

Wish me luck-I am more than ready to write and illustrate more of my own work!

Sep 2, 2010

Love, laughter and happily ever after.

Many days I just want to draw whatever I want to draw, not what someone tells me to draw!
I adore illustrating for children's books, but I also love to create images just for me or for people who would appreciate my art and the fact that I created something special just for them.
This is a wedding card created for Miss Jina's marriage, honoring the traditional asian ceremony, but with a sense of humor.