Sep 3, 2010

Dear Conference Applicant...

"...we are pleased to inform you of your acceptance as a mentee to Rutgers University's Council on Children's Literacy conference. Mentees (70) are accepted from applicant pool (700) on the basis of the quality of their writing sample and degree of professionalism in their submission..."
A juried writers conference! And I have been chosen to be a mentee! I am so excited.
I submitted "Casper, Mr. Amazing" a picture book dummy I wrote/illustrated, about my son's cat, Casper.

Wish me luck-I am more than ready to write and illustrate more of my own work!


  1. AAAACK!!! Sharon, how wonderful!!! I don't understand too much about what a mentee is or about this program but hell.... one of 70 out of 700, that, mu-lady, is a REAL accomplishment!
    You rock and I DO wish you and Casper all the luck in the world (though I doubt you will need luck when you have talent and skill behind you:)

  2. The polydactyl kitty! Hooray! Congrats on the mentee role -- so cool! Can I run over to NJ and see you in action?? You have to fill us all in at the Highlights bash!

  3. Hey you !

    Congrats on the mentee thing...Rutgers is nearby my home town in NJ.

    I'm so glad that you stayed with your illustration.
    Its really great!

    I wish I would've known you had children's books out there when my kids were younger. I would've loved to have told them that I knew the person who drew all the pictures };-)

    Our son Kaelan just started his freshman year of HS and our 'baby' daughter Dawsen started fifth grade...time sure does fly !

    I subscribed to your blog, so keep us posted of your adventures in your work.

    I expect to have my new website up in the next month or so...I'll send you a link when its finished.

    Keep up the great work kidd-o !

  4. Hi Sharon, Congratulations, 70 out of 700, I just love the sound of that. Looking forward to seeing the kitties adventures, the illustration is great! See you in a few weeks.
    PS visit my blog and you can see my Lula-belle. Nice looking BIG pup you have.

  5. Hehe... Well done you, on your blog, and on becoming a Mentee.
    What will that duty require of you?

  6. Congrats on the new blog and for being a mentee!

  7. Being in top 10 percent is cool---congratulations!