Jul 24, 2011

busy busy

busy, busy beaver. layout character sketch.
just became an artist on thatsmyfolio-check me out!

Jul 2, 2011

Mercy, Mercy me...

Mercy, my third foster, purebreed wiemerimer (sp.?). Her 1st adoption fell thru so she spent more time with us than usual. What a sweet, sweet, sweet dog. She was used strictly for breeding, when she tested positive for heartworm while pregnant again, the breeder wanted her put down, he had no use for her any more. She is 2 years old. I am working through  rescue group. Dogs from high kill shelters in TN are transported to NE to foster homes and then onto their forever homes. They have nothing but love to give. Even after their heartbreaking experiences, they only give/want love. This one was hard to let go-she was so sweet. But she was adopted by a wonderful family.
Please adopt, dont shop-there are so many dogs waiting for good homes...Also-this was Titan's mother! Much love Mercy.