Oct 19, 2010

welcome to my blog...

I am not one to talk about myself, it's difficult. I do seem to have an awful lot to say about how I feel - about people and things I care about.
I want to share my thoughts, my evolving artwork, and some random ramblings on a more consistent basis. Especially my art, and thoughts about my art.
So I am putting my little toe into the water. And most likely will still not be able to say much about myself.

One on One Conference, Rutgers Univ.

"...yes...absolutely...maybe.." The 2 words I would love to hear-"...yes, absolutely". (...we want to publish your book now-ok maybe more than just 2 words)) Usually it's the "maybe" scenario with re-working, re-editing, but no direction as to how to make it stronger.
 My critique was with Linda Pratt, literary agent, with Shelton Fogelman Agency. She looked so young, how could she have been an agent for over 10 years? My initial thought was I wanted the big name editor with the big boy publishing house! As it turned out, my time spent with Linda Pratt was getting the most rewarding critique ever.
  There was no tinkling little bell telling you your 15 minutes were up as you struggled to write down comments, aching for more time. Wait-I have more I want you to see! An entire hour long critique! An entire day to schmooze with editors, agents, writers, mentors and mentees. You were encouraged to pass out your biz cards and promos and postcards. Be rude, step right up and introduce yourself. Most are open to submission after the conference
  Linda was honest, open and sincere. She helped to guide me as to how to make my manuscript better, how to make it stronger. The usual comment I get from a critique is my "arc" is not "arc-y" enough. She critiqued 3 manuscripts and offered suggestions on each.She shared years of her knowledge as to how to improve my work. She even felt one manuscript was ready for submission. (Yes, an arc!) Her thought as a literary agent is an illustrator/author is best off showing a dummy- we are able to best convey our story intentions-with our art. Show, don't tell. (She also said my writing style is "spot on". Alright!)
 Continuing to network on the bus and train back to Hoboken, was another plus. The conference was one of the most informative, rewarding, great day. I want to go again...yes...absolutely, yes...

(Our own Erin Eitter Kono was mentioned in a seminar on the importance of using social media networking. Go Erin!) But can someone explain to me- how does one find the time-to write, to draw, to promote, to blog, web pages, email, Face Book, Twitter...??)