Nov 13, 2013

"Just Grace"

Illustrator Sharon Lane Holm and Author Kathleen Bookbinder display the cover of their book
 "Just Grace". A collaboration that was created in support of the non-profit organization
Yes! Grace Rocks Inc.
Yes! Grace Rocks is a 501(c)(3) organization which provides support
 for families of children with traumatic brain injuries.
While primarily written for younger children the book can be used
 with older children/students as an introduction to individual differences.
Visit to learn more about the work this charity provides
 for families in need of hope, faith, love and support.

Oct 8, 2013

I'm the special featured interview...

I am the "special featured interview" on Aviva Gittle ebooks webpage, starting Tuesday Oct 8.
Learn more about books and the creative people who create entertainment for children
at Aviva's webpage. Aviva Gittle, owner,author

Aug 25, 2013

KIDS COUNTING KITTIES- avaliable on Itunes!

Award winning author and illustrator Sharon Lane Holm has released two new Ipad apps for children titled " Kids Counting Kitties, Counting One to Ten" and " Kids Counting Kitties, Counting Ten to One".

Sharon has teamed with Jason Johnson to produce the pair of children's educational apps for Apples iPad. Also available in Spanish, these are the first in a series of counting and creative apps for young children.

Featuring a colorful cast of cat characters demonstrating their counting abilities, children experience a fun way to count one to ten and ten to one. The iPad apps are Pre K to K and are available now at the iTunes store:
Counting Kitties One to Ten
Counting kitties Ten to One
Visit Sharon's web site at:

Jul 3, 2013

beach time

happy summer. happy flip flopped feet. happy day at the beach.

Apr 14, 2013

taekwondo---I am now a brown belt!

I am now officially a brown belt in TaeKwonDo. 1 more belt until I make black belt. This was the hardest test so far, trying to remember over 150 moves/forms. Black belt is even more difficult.I never assumed I would make it this far. But learned its not how fast I go, its how far I have come. Try to enjoy the journey. alright, I made it this far!