May 23, 2011

1000 Wishes, Relay for Life, TKD Kids

My Reason to Relay
1000 wishes... Over the years I have lost many loved ones to cancer; family and friends. Recently I lost  Tommy, Dr. Guy, Lisa, Ralph, and May to cancer. The list goes on, as I'm sure you also have been touched by this dreadful disease.
1000 Wishes I wished... I wish I could have done more to help you. I wish I could have done more to make you comfortable. I wish you didnt get cancer. I wish I could have helped ease your pain, help to take away your fear, your anger, your sorrow. I wish I had told you how much I loved you more. I wish you could have seen your children graduate, marry.Oh how we all wished you didnt have leave us so soon. I wish you could have had another birthday with the ones who love you. 1000 other wishes.... I am sure you also have 1000 wishes for the ones you love and lost.
I am participating in the American Cancer Society?s Relay For Life because I want to make a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer. I am determined to help make a difference, and hope you join me. I will be walking June 4,2011 at New Fairfield High School.
Please help support me in my effforts by using the link below to visit my personal Web page and make a donation.Every dollar raised brings us one dollar closer to cures and to help htose touched by cancer.
Please join my team or make a donation to help the American Cancer Society create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Together, we can save lives. What could be better?
If the link does not show up-   Relay for Life- 2011 Relay for Life - New Fairfield High School, CT. TKD kids, or my name to donate. (zip 06812 for location)

May 13, 2011


My first foster dog. He only stayed for a day, but I would have kept him in a heartbeat. Was transported from TN, where they still have kill shelters.  is the group that helps to save them.  They transport the dogs up north to the non-kill shelter states, CT being one of them. I am getting involved with the fostering of these great dogs. All they want is love, and to give unconditional love, and their stories on how they came to CPR are heartbreaking, but they still love people. I implore everyone to adopt, not shop in a pet store. The pet store dogs look cute too, but it just keeps the puppy mills going.When you adopt -it opens up room for one more stray, one more abused, unwanted dog/puppy. I adopted my german shepherd when she was 6 yrs old. She is the greatest. I just feel so strongly about this. Jack was adopted- by a great family with 3 kids, perfect. Good luck Jack!

May 2, 2011

2 silver medals!! Grand Master Kim's 7th annual tournament-Tae Kwon Do

I WON two silver second place medals at the Tae Kwon Do tournament this Saturday. This is a big accomplishment for me! I participated in form and wood breaking (with hands and feet!) As my son says- if you had ever told me my mother would be doing this sport I would never have believed you! I was terrified of performing, but faced the fear and told myself over and over-just do it. "Dont ask what happen if it doesnt work-instead ask what would happen if I never tried?" whew-glad its over, was a great day.